Kingdom of rust

Release Worldwide via Massacre Records on December 6th 2013

Kingdom of rust, cover artwork
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  1. Among the fields of rust, 07:12, music: Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto, lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  2. Waxhopes, 07:52, music: Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto, lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  3. Losing time, 03:40, music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  4. Love moan, 06:04, music: Davide Ronfetto, lyrics: Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto
  5. Burning the air, 04:03, music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  6. Sacrifice, 04:26, music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  7. Social contract, 04:47, music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  8. The secret garden, 04:54, music & lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  9. Run with me, 03:56, music: Davide Ronfetto, lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  10. Out of the blue, 09:07, music: Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto
  11. High waters, 11:11, music: Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto, lyrics: Andrea Rampa
Running time: 67:13 minutes

Produced by Andrea Rampa & Davide Ronfetto
Released by Massacre Records GmbH
Catalogue number MAS CD0843
Barcode 4028466108432
All music and lyrics published by Sylvian Music
Recorded at Mad Rain, Rock-Lab, The Basement, Planet of Freedom
Mixed by Andreas Polito at Rock-Lab
Mastered by Mike Lind at Masterplant
Artwork by Candace Hoeckley
Band logo by Andrea Rampa

"Kingdom of rust" is the first studio album released by Rustfield, and it contains the best that the band has composed since its foundation, in 2007, and throughout a period of time that ends with the beginning of the recordings, in September 2011. Rustfield have mastered the concept of "progressive rock/metal" by composing melodies which incorporate various nuances and musical atmospheres; within "Kingdom of Rust" you can find tracks which entwine classic heavy metal with electronic and psychedelic ambiences, acoustic and melodic pieces of work merged with rhythmical joints pertaining to a more progressive style, everything bound altogether for more than 60 minutes of music. Moreover, the debut album is featured by many special guests such as: John Macaluso (Symphony X, ex Y.J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White Skull) on vocals, Douglas R. Docker (Docker's Guild, ex Biloxi) on keyboards.


The opening track, Among the fields of rust, Rustfield’s manifesto, combines a typically heavy metal opening, led by a powerful electric guitar riff, with an acoustic-electronic second part, where an evanescent melody completes the mood of the song. The lyrics fully reflect this duality, bringing together two completely different landscapes: the first one is a city choked by armoured concrete and metal, the second is a boundless cornfield caressed by a cool breeze.

With a similar style we find Waxhopes, a very special composition due to the participation of guest star Federica De Boni, a singer that shows the might and fierceness of her voice on the hardest riff of the track. The track focuses on the Greek myth of Icarus, seen from the point of view of his father Daedalus, an old man far away from his homeland.

Following that we find Losing time, where the odd tempos executed by drummer Max Gordiani and the massive use of keyboard create a complex and brainstorming track which is nevertheless singable and catchy. In a metaphorical interpretation, the lyrics describe a dialogue between oneself and one's best friend about all the time lost chasing each other in life's symbolical wood. The climactic refrain emphasizes this encounter, whilst focusing on the relentless passing of time.

Love moan is an entirely acoustic track. The presence of classical guitar, piano and double bass, masterfully played by Luca Spagnuolo, Douglas R. Docker and Alessandro Spagnuolo, amplify the emotional load, plunging the melody in a very cinematographic atmosphere. The lyrics are about a mother’s twisted love towards her daughter, which brings her to cross insurmountable boundaries in order to protect her child from the dangers of the world.

The "Compromise trilogy" opens up with Burning the air, mixing heavy metal and electronic music. The baton is then handed out to Sacrifice, showing the more singable and melodic side of the trilogy. The conclusion rests on the shoulders of Social contract, whose complex rhythmical structure explodes in a powerful and scratchy refrain. The first song of the trilogy is about war, whose only outcome isn’t victory but just jeopardizing one’s humanity. The lyrics of the second song are about the compromise that everyone must accept to be able to struggle in a world of rust; a true sacrifice which leads, in the refrain, to the realization that everyone is the architect of their own destiny. The final song of the trilogy deals with the social contract, the greatest compromise by far: the rules and lies unconsciously accepted in order to live in a society.

In The secret garden the voice is the protagonist over a carpet of keyboards and sound effects, reaching for the top in a melodic crescendo backed by acoustic guitar and contrabass. The lyrics are, in a metaphorical and symbolical interpretation, about a fortress rising where the desert meets the sky, which hides inside its walls a sacred garden filled with majestic blooming greenery.

Run with me is a blast-track, energetic and melodic, born to stick itself inside the listener’s brain and to discombobulate the audience in a live show. The source of the musical energy are the lyrics, which deal with the ancestral apprehension and fear that everyone faces when he’s confronted with the mystery of death.

The instrumental Out of the blue merges classical elements from progressive metal with a more psychedelic sound. Every instrument finds his perfect spot and the performance by John Macaluso on drums is astounding. The different musical dynamics and the absence of lyrics encourage the listeners to close their eyes and express their purest imagination.

The ending is entrusted to High waters, a three-movement suite that melds soft and gentle ambiences with typical fast and melodic heavy metal riffs, reuniting in this fashion all of the musical styles explored by Rustfield in this debut album. The three movements of the suite describe, in a metaphorical way, how easy it is to become a victim of the unavoidable storms which lead astray from well-known and safe routes, taking the traveler on high and wild waters, where the word "sailing" takes on a new meaning.

  • Andrea Rampa: vocals, keyboards & synths.
  • Davide Ronfetto: guitar, bass on tracks 3 and 8, vocals, programming.
  • Federica De Boni: vocals on track 2.
  • John Macaluso: drums & percussions on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11.
  • Douglas R. Docker: synth solos on tracks 2 and 5, Hammond organ solo on track 11, piano on track 4.
  • Alessandro Spagnuolo: bass, contrabass on tracks 4 and 9.
  • Luca Spagnuolo: guitar solo on track 2, lead guitar on track 8, clean guitar on track 1 and track 6, classic guitar on track 4.
  • Max Gordiani: drums & percussions on tracks 1, 3, 8, and 9.

Among the fields of rust (Demo 2011)

Self-production, July 2011

Among the fields of rust (Demo 2011), cover artwork
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  1. Run with me, 03:54, Music: Davide Ronfetto - Lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  2. Losing time, 03:36, Music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  3. Among the fields of rust, 08:30, Music: Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto - Lyrics: Andrea Rampa

"Among the fields of rust" is a taste of what Rustfield have composed throughout 2010. It contains three tracks each characterized with very different atmospheres, and it represents the advancement and growth over what had been produced for "Demo 2009".

Run with me is the track that sets the music in motion, and it’s fated to become one of the cutting edges of Rustfield. Characterized by a unique catchiness and energy, it is a slightly briefer track than usual and it’s perfectly fitting for live performances, as it can beguile the audience fully.

In second place we have Losing Time, which embodies the more progressive mood. The odd tempos and the massive use of keyboards and synths are the perfect recipe for a complex and brainy track which, at the same time, emerges as catchy and singable as well.

The finishing touch is represented by Among the fields of rust, title track for Rustfield’s second demo CD. It’s longer than both the aforementioned songs and it blends the energetic and scathing heavy metal ambiences with ethereal melodies and sounds usually pertaining to psychedelic music. Virtuoso guitars, growl backing vocals and metallic sound effects make up a track that results both classical and experimental.

  • Andrea Rampa: lead and back vocals, keyboards and synths;
  • Davide Ronfetto: guitars, electric bass, keyboards, programming, back vocals;
  • Max Gordiani: drums and percussions.

Demo 2009

Self-production, October 2009

Demo 2009, cover artwork
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  1. Compromising, 4:20, Music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  2. Waxhopes, 7:44, Music: Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto - Lyrics: Andrea Rampa
  3. Love moan, 5:08, Music: Davide Ronfetto - Lyrics: Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto
  4. Compromised, 4:46, Music & lyrics: Davide Ronfetto
  5. Out of the blue, 8:42, Music: Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto
  6. High waters, 10:14, Music: Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto - Lyrics: Andrea Rampa

"Demo 2009" is the first piece of work by "Rustfield" and it brings forward the sound and creativity of the band. The CD contains 6 tracks composed in different time spans, since December 2007 all through May 2009, and with various musical inspirations.

The opening track, Compromising, has a strong electronic touch, and it was conceived as the first part of a mini-concept along with Compromised, another track inspired by synthesizer usage and digital sampling; it is, however, characterized by a strong progressive accent in comparison with its first part.

In second place we find Waxhopes, a strongly melodic piece which relates to a more traditional metal sound, although always keeping the love for an electronic mood and odd tempos.

Love moan, on the third row, stands as an acoustic interlude which shows the softer side of the band. Even though it can be misinterpreted as a love song, it is actually intertwined with the dramatic side of reality.

The instrumental track Out of the blue, is a mixture of different influences, ranging from progressive rock through psychedelic music and on to modern metal.

Last but not least, the suite High Waters merges tender and airy sounds, derived from ’70s musical influences, with melodic and energetic metal through love for odd tempos.

  • Andrea Rampa: lead and back vocals, synths, piano;
  • Davide Ronfetto: guitars, electric bass, back and lead vocals, programming;
  • Douglas R. Docker: keyboard solos on tracks 1 and 2, second keyboard solo on track 6
  • Rocco Teora: drums and percussions.