Rustfield was born in 2007 from an "idea in odd tempos" conceived by Davide Ronfetto, guitarist and all-round musician skilled on many instruments, immediately joined by his old time friend Andrea Rampa, singer even though he pretends to be an aerospace engineer. The two comrades in arms swiftly rush in the composition of music and lyrics, mastering the ephemeral concept of progressive music by intertwining very different ambiences together, with an unfaltering fast and heavy soul pertaining to heavy metal mixing with electronic music, rhythmical progressive tricks and typical sounds of a more psychedelic nature, never forgetting song's catchiness.

Rustfield builds up as a project cunningly guided by two heads, Davide and Andrea, who, with the composition of many demo songs, are quickly joined by other talented musicians in order to bring their music live. In the early months of 2011 the line-up is complete and the band steps its feet on Italian and foreign stages.

However the going really got tough on December 2013, when the German label Massacre Records, releases their debut album Kingdom of Rust! This first official work encompasses every facet of inspiration of Rustfield: the powerful heavy metal soul, the evanescent melodies of psychedelic music, complex progressive rhythms and fascinating electronic sounds, all bound together and encapsulated in eleven tracks for more than an hour of music. Moreover, the debut album is featured by many special guests such as: John Macaluso (Symphony X, ex Y.J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White Skull) on vocals, Douglas R. Docker (Docker’s Guild, ex Biloxi) on keyboards!

The debut album got almost 50 reviews all over the world, with an average score of 7.58 out of 10 points (14 times rated between 8 and 9). Furthermore, it scored the 5th rank in the chart of favourite Massacre Records releases of 2013.

Right now Rustfield shared the stage with bands such as Fates Warning, White Skull and Eldritch, and are working hard to bring their music on performing stages all over the world!

Last update: January 2015



  • Andrea Rampa, vocals, keyboards & synths
  • Davide Ronfetto, guitars, vocals, programming
  • Alessandro Meynardi, guitars
  • Andreas Polito, bass
  • Lorenzo Meynardi, drums & percussions
Rustfield's line-up